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About Us

IMISteel Storage Rack Trading is your reliable and trustworthy partner in warehouse storage racking shelving system, and it is established in desire to:

  1. 1) Provide exceptional and systematic storage solutions to maximize the efficiency of client available space.
  2. 2) Provide jobs in the industry, and opportunity for the people we hire to improve their lives and their family’s lives.
  3. 3) Help the community in any way possible, and set us an example to other entity to help as well.


  1. 1) IMISteel Storage Rack Trading envision of becoming the most trusted partner in providing racking and products in warehouse storage industry, both nationally and internationally.
  2. 2) IMISteel Storage Rack Trading envision of becoming a one stop shop for all buyers wherein they can choose products from different, if not all, manufacturers in the racking and warehouse storage industry.


For our clients

To have a long terms trustworthy partnerships. Help the client the most possible way we can, providing them useful and efficient information regarding in the industry, supplying them products with premium quality, safe and cost efficient, and with a continuing after sales service.

For our Employees

To have a long terms trustworthy partnership. Providing them healthy working environment wherein they can improve their work ethics and extend their capabilities to its optimum. And, help them improve their lives financially and socially, and hoping in this way they can provide better lives for their family.

For the community

Show the value of trustworthy partnership to every person or entity that we might get the chance to touch they’re lives along the way. As a way of giving back, the company, its employees and all the people behind it will exert our wholehearted efforts to help whomever that might in need the best way we can.