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Guide & Advantages

Client Guide:

  • - Suite if you have products that need cold/freezer type storage in order to store more products since its operation is expensive
  • - Best option for large amounts of similar products at limited space
  • - Drive-In Racking System: This system is perfect for products that are not date sensitive (Last In, First Out inventory system) Drive-Thru Racking System: Perfect for date sensitive products (First In, first Out)


  • - Provides high density of storage by reducing the number of working aisles
  • - Three times more storage than the traditional pallet racks
  • - Racking load height can exceed 12.0m
  • - Load capacity per pallet can go as high as 2 tons

Aisle Requirement:

  • - Counter Balance Forklifts, minimum of 3.8 meterss
  • -Reach Truck, minimum of 2.8 meters